World War 2 Truth Gets Suspended By Facebook AND Twitter!

World War 2 Truth

Since I was “red-pilled” in 2014 on the real history of World War 2, I have created multiple webpages and used social media to spread the word about the truth.  Last year, my twitter account was suspended after I had almost 1500 followers.  Three days ago, I just discovered that my 3rd facebook page “World War 2 Uncensored” was taken down for violating “community standards”.  I had 785 follows, 70 last week alone, and this was only in a 3-4 month time span.

2019-02-24 (2)

Prior to this page, I had two other pages each with other 500 follows, one called “World War 2 Truth” and the other called “World War II Truth”.  Both taken down with of course no reason given, other than a message about violating community standards.

Screenshot (12)

And…. My account connected with the page was also put in the “Facebook gulag “for another 30 days.  This is my 5th…

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