How to piss off a jew.

Yesterday I watched a video of muzzie atrocities in Germany, which I like to do, to fuel my hatred for those child-/livestock-raping fuckers.  I posted a comment, which included the words “motherfucker,” and “goat-fucker,” and included a suggestion for Germans to begin playing a game called “Stick-a-shank-in-a-muzzie,” with the rules for scoring.

AFTER I posted it, I discovered that I was NOT on a friendly blog, but was, in fact, on shariaunveiled, an anti-muzz but pro hebe website.  Oh, shit, I was already being closely watched, I’m sure, because of a previous comment about “jooz,” which the owner/moderator had gotten all butt-hurt about.  That one was also a mistake about where I was.  I’ve managed to sneak a lot of “antisemitic” shit onto that blog, however, and have gotten a few people to start questioning the motives of those hook-nosed cocksuckers.  But, crikey, I have to word my posts very delicately, as you would well imagine.  So, I was concerned that my access to this site was soon going to be terminated.

Imagine my surprise, then, when Ms. Owner/Modulator gives me an “lol,” and says “that’s the funniest damned thing I’ve ever seen.  SHALOM”




5 thoughts on “How to piss off a jew.

    1. Of course Dick Cheney, Papa Doc Bush, Baby Doc Bush, Obama and the Clintons are not (((jews))), but they’re following the orders and agendas of those Ashkenazi assholes.

  1. I left this comment:

    0 comments on “Possible Motive for Shooting of Queens NY Imam Appears to be Retaliation for Previous Muslim Attack on Hispanics (CCTV Footage of Shooting)”

    on August 15, 2016 at 9:42 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    The stinking jews probly set this up to keep us Whites fighting the wrong enemies: goat fuckers and niggers. The real enemy is you know who.


  2. Well, they didn’t approve my comment and I left another one there regarding same and they didn’t even take it. Jew ass kissing pricks.

  3. The owner/moderator of shariaunveiled identifies herself as “German/Israeli,” and claims that non-jews can’t form an intelligent opinion on issues that are important to jews, such as the fake holocaust and Israeli/Palestinian relations.

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