I was a participant in the 1965 Watts Riot.

Reprinted from another blog.

  1. Yawn. Just another good ol’ nigger race riot. Saw my first one, in person, in ’65, in Watts. I was a walking arsenal and, when the celebrants saw that I was a honkey with whom they had better not mess, I was suddenly the only person still standing on South Central Avenue, at the corner of 52nd Street, for two blocks in both directions. It is the #1 most amazing “stupid human (sic) trick” that I have ever seen. Niggers see guns; niggers instantly disappear. I mean it, they INSTANTLY DISAPPEAR. The next morning I saw it happen again. I was following an L.A. Sheriff’s car, with four deputies in it, which had FOUR 12 gauge shotguns sticking out the four respective windows, pointing up at 45 degree angles. A mob of about 15 niggers, standing on the S-E corner of Florence Avenue and South Central Avenue, took one look at 4 shotguns and went up in smoke. It’s fucking amazing; I have no idea how they do it.

      • You’ll notice I said L.A. Sheriffs and NOT the chicken-shit L.A.P.D. The Sheriffs were kicking ass, but then they were always savages, while the boys in blue retreated to their stations, on Wednesday night, the night it started, bolted the doors, put 6 guys on the roof with shotguns, and sent out for sandwiches and pizza. They did not come back out of their stations until Saturday night, after Midnight, when the Nation Guard finally hit the street. Chicken-shit motherfuckers, every damned one. I worked for ADT Protection Services, and we had the alarms on every pawn shop, liquor store, and furniture store (TVs) from the GIANT Sears store and warehouse, at Olympic and Soto, to the Pacific Ocean, in Long Beach. WE went, where the GD cops were AFRAID to go. Friday night and Saturday morning, I was by myself, in my own car, a ’65 VW Bug. Believe me, those people were smart enough not to fugg with me. When the looting and burning began on Friday night, I was in our Central Office, in Huntington Park. An alarm came in from one of our subscribers, and I hit a time-stamp on an alarm card, and pulled the card out of our file, which gave the info on the premises. I handed both cards to my supervisor and he just set them on the desk, without picking up our direct line to the LAPD central communications center. I said, “Aren’t you going to dispatch the bulls?” He said, “Haven’t you tried doing it yet?” I said, “No.” He said, “Try it.” I picked up the phone, it automatically started ringing, the Sergeant in charge of the whole operation answered after one ring, and I said, ” I’ve got a 4-5-9 Silent, with a man on the way, to XXXX S. Main, XYZ Jewelry and Loan.” The Sergeant didn’t say a single word, he just started laughing hysterically, and continued to laugh for about 20 seconds before I quietly replaced the phone.

    • Please elaborate sir, stories of the old days are very interesting and possibly educational. Some of us have never, ever dealt with anything like this.

      • And, unfortunately, almost no one else has ever dealt with this or “anything like this,” and they don’t believe me when I relate these experiences, and other extreme examples of depraved behavior that I’ve witnessed. Most people haven’t experienced even one situation that was 1/10th as vivid as I have experienced THOUSANDS of times. Having never experienced anything remotely like I’ve experienced, they think I’m making it all up. I wish I was that clever, then I could be a best-selling fiction writer but, alas, I have absolutely NO facility for making shit up.

      • Thank you for the vote of confidence; it is most appreciated. There is an infinite amount of lies and BS swirling around us, so I can see where some would be sceptical of my experiences. Among many other things, I’ve been in the middle of TWO COMMIE RIOTS, one in Valparaiso, Chile and the other in Balboa (Panama City), Panama. I just missed another commie demonstration, on May Day, 1963, in Kobe, Japan. I understand the Japanese are much more civilized, unlike the assholes in Chile, who stomped police dogs to death.


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