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The Los Angeles Times, RIP

As a person with a life-long reading monkey on my back, it saddens me to report that what used to be what I consider the best newspaper that’s ever been published, has not only had its integrity and reputation for objectivity been thrown even further into the toilet, but it has now swirled around and disappeared from sight, gone forever more.


This process started many moons ago, and can be DIRECTLY traced to changes in the ownership of the Times.  Each and every time that the ownership has changed, and I don’t know how many times that has been, I can guarantee you that the quality of the written word went further into the Black Hole of journalism.


Quite unfortunately, this is the second time that I’ve seen this phenomenon.  When I moved to Lake Tahoe in January, 1980 I was delighted to discover a local treasure called the Tahoe Daily Tribune.  I don’t know how long the, then, current owner/publisher had been around, but it was a great little local daily.  That continued for several years, then the paper was sold.  Overnight, it became bird-cage worthy material.  For the next several years, the paper was sold every year or two, going further down in quality each time.


You may be asking yourself,”Self, why is he ranting about newspapers, and stuff?”  Well, I’ll tell you; reading this morning’s paper, I happened to take a closer look at a new weekly section that appeared a few months ago.  It touts that huge country, in Asia, populated, mostly, by, guess what, CHINESE.  I had paid it no-never-mind, until today.  I opened it to a random page and, what do you know, there was a story about a huge project to produce and display an ancient form of Tibetan art, which involves painting on cloth or silk.  This massive undertaking, promoted and paid for by the Chinese Communist government, is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the “peaceful liberation” of Tibet.  The sobriquet, “peaceful liberation” appears no less than THREE TIMES in the article (which is rather short) and clearly identifies this as Communist lies and propaganda.


The article explains that this ancient art-form has been bastardized and corrupted from a religious expression to one of modern, human, progressive, social consciousness-affirming cooperation between Tibet and China.  ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL?


I thought, briefly, about sending in a letter-to-the-editor but, upon sober reflection, decided that the odds against its publication were somewhere in outer space.  A year, or so, ago I had a letter published in the Times, my first in a newspaper.  Those bastards went at my letter with dull machetes and chain-saws.  I got an email saying they had “edited” it for, among who knows what other things, LENGTH.  It was only four or five (short) sentences long but they hacked out an entire sentence and took out words in two other sentences, completely changing the tone and meaning of my letter.  I’m sure that the person who changed my letter graduated, with honors, from the Joseph Goebbels School of Modern Journalism.


Think about it:  One of the largest and most influential media outlets in the country accepts money from Communists to publish lies and propaganda that furthers the oft-stated (by official Chinese government sources) goal of the “master race,” the Chinese, taking over the world, in general, and the United States, in particular; militarily, if necessary.  WTF?


We’re in the dark and smelly, folks, and  I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better.  Keep ’em clean and lubricated, boys and girls, we may have to use them in the near future.